Highlighters For Every Budget

Highlighter2Highlighter1Happy Bank Holiday Weekend Internet Babes.

Back in December I did a post Berry Lip For Every Budget which you all seemed to like so I thought I would do a similar post but for highlighters. If you’ve never tried a highlighter before or just looking to try something new you’ll find something here.Highlighter6Budget – Barry M £4.49
My budget friendly choice is the Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream. This was my first highlighter I ever bought and got me into the highlight trend. There are four different shades to choose from, I picked the shade “Iced Bronze” a beautiful light sandy colour with tiny flecks of glitter. This highlighter is super affordable at less than £5. The packaging looks great but I found my lid cracked really quickly and the writing rubbed off being in my make up bag which is disappointing but overall I think this is a fantastic starting point if you would like to try out a highlighter for the first time or if you don’t have a large budget to play with. Buy here. Highlighter5Midway – Topshop £10
My midway choice of highlighters is the Glow highlighter from Topshop. I had heard good things about this highlighter before buying it but it was often out of stock in my local store so when I saw it during the Christmas holidays I had to snap it up! Probably my least favourite out of the three highlighters because whenever I apply it, it seems to smudge my foundation which can be so annoying! But it’s totally perfect for this time of year when I wear less make up and next to no foundation. I usually just apply this to my cheekbones and sometimes my brow bone. Buy here.Highlighter7Luxury – Bobbi Brown £26
My luxury choice is the Bobbi Brown Glow Stick. This is the latest highlighter to be added to my collection and probably my favourite too! I was lucky enough to be given this as a birthday present from my parents and can be bought. This is colour is “Beach Babe” a light golden champagne shimmer – the lightest out of a selection of 8 different shades. This product is slightly different from the other two as it’s almost a highlighter and bronzer in one Bobbi Brown describes it “like sunshine in a stick” which is nail on head! Just glide over your cheekbones, nose, forehead, anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face for an all day long sun-kissed glow. Buy here. Highlighter3Highlighter4What’s your favourite highlighter? Have you tried any of these?

Love Sophie x

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