Three Beauty Products To Add To Your Summer Make Up Bag

Summer1Summer6Summer8Fresh – Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment

I’d heard lots of good things about the Fresh Sugar lip treatments in the past but had never tried one out before. When I was in Paris last month I had to head into Sephora on the¬†Champs-√Člys√©es to check out all the make up. I hadn’t gone in with the intention of buying a sugar lip treatment but I am so glad I did!

There is 13 different lip tint colours to pick from so there is something for everyone from a transparent to a gorgeous poppy red colour. I chose the coral lip treatment as I thought it was perfect for the summer months and I don’t have a coral lip colour.

I love the packaging for the lip treatments. Each treatment come in a different colour tube which corresponds with the colour you picked. My one comes in a lovely metallic coral. It also has a screw top which is so good if, like me, you have a habit of chucking your lipstick into the bottom of your bag, nothing worse than realising you have ruined your lipstick because the lid fell off!

The lip colour itself is beautiful! It is really easy to apply and doesn’t dry out your lips, it’s very moisturising. The smell of the lip treatment is like sweetie, like you could eat it! I’d definitely recommend these treatments and would love to pick up another colour soon.Summer3Summer4Est√©e Lauder – Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil Hair and Body Spray

I have loved the Bronze Goddess collection that Est√©e Lauder release annually for years. This first time I tried it was back when I was 18 making friends with a girl I didn’t know in a night club bathroom, we’ve all been there, right?! I didn’t have any perfume with me and she let me borrow hers. It smelt of sun cream, coconuts and holidays, I loved it!

Every summer since then I have ummed and ahhed about it when it is released and missed it every time, frustrating! So this year I decided I was definitely going to buy something from the collection. I picked the hair and body oil which has the same scent as the perfume but also has glitter in it, how could I resist?

I used it for the first time a few weeks ago on a night out. I had caught a bit of sun that week and the glitter and oil made me look more Bronze Goddess rather than red lobster! Also, I sprayed some on the end of my hair which gave it a lovely glossy shine and tamed down the flyaway hair. The scent also lasted all night which is amazing, who doesn’t want to smell of a summer holiday? I love this product so much it’s a summer staple for me now and I’ll definitely be buying more next year.Summer2Summer9Bobbi Brown – Glow Stick Beach Babe

Not to bang on about this product as I only wrote about it here but it does deserve another mention as I just love it so much! My mum picked up the Glow Stick for my birthday and I instantly loved it! I had received an email from Bobbi Brown about the Glow Stick just the week before and thought they looked lovely. In person it is so much more beautiful!

There are eight different Glow Sticks to choose from. Some are like highlighters and others seem to be more like a creamy blusher. Beach Babe – the colour I have is a mix between a highlighter and bronzer. I use it on my cheekbones, forehead and even on my cupids bow, to give my face a dewy glow.

The packing is so sleek, I love the black and gold look and the lid has a satisfying click when you put the cap back on, does anyone else like that? Another thing that I love about the Bobbi Brown Glow Sticks are the names, all eight of the sticks have different summery names, Beach Babe, Sunkissed and Island Plum are to name a few.Summer7Summer5What have you recently added to your summer make up bag?


Sophie x

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