Three Current Favourites

Fav1Fav10Fav4Tiffany Pearl Bracelet

Up until recently I thought my pearl Tiffany bracelet was lost, gone into the black abyss of lost things, never to be seen again! I searched high and low looking for said bracelet with it nowhere to be found. Not going to lie I was pretty distraught about it (I had bought it in Amsterdam on the first trip Davie and I had been on together in 2013) so Davie had bought me a replacement from eBay.  The day the replacement arrived I had been round seeing my mum and decided to go through my holiday clothes from last year to see what I needed to replace. I was rummaging through a backpack I had used last year and down at the very bottom of the bag was a small black velvet pouch, I emptied it and out falls my pearl bracelet that I though was lost forever! I couldn’t believe it and especially on the day the replacement arrived too! Luckily the replacement Tiffany bracelet had been bought from a seller that accepts returns! Since that day the bracelet has not left my side and I am going to be MUCH more careful of my things.

Fav7Fav9Flip Flops

At the start of June I started going swimming every morning, it really helps you get going and start your day. I love getting back home just after 9am having already had a swim and ready to tackle the day. Because I am just going to the pool and then back home again I have just been grabbing my flip flops and going. Although I thought I would be changing when I would get home I’ve just been wearing them and now they are my shoe of choice at the moment. They go with everything and are especially good when going to the beach which is where I have been living recently.

Fav2Fav6Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato

I first tried this drink back in May when Davie and I were in Paris. It was a hot Spring day and we both needed a drink! I ordered a mango and passion fruit frapuccino and Davie had ordered a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks. I think our order was mixed up because Davie was given an iced caramel macchiato instead. We just decided to keep it as the Starbucks was super busy and we desperately need to sit down and have our drinks. It turns out it tasted a lot better than the frappucciono anyway. Iced caramel macchiatos have quickly became my new favourite drink, especially as the weather in Scotland has been really lovely and warm recently.

 What have you been loving lately?

Love, Sophie x

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